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A quick sketch of Markiplier~ It doesn’t even look like him OTL
Anyways its from the new game he is playing Evil Within ~ it’s him in the detective’s outfit. I think he would like pretty snazzy in a vest and tie.
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CAFE SWEETHEART Pre-orders open with Bounes!
Finially the pre-orders for Cafe Sweetheart Artbook is now available There will be a Pre-Order Bonus too1 of 5 acrylic charms will be distributed randomly in the packages (Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Ice cream cake, Birthday cake, Tiramisu)There are 40 amazing artist that will be participating in the book:
Oblibious-Neesan Rintanu shibird  Emi-Liu Jinyjin starry-shizen alexisneohimechui rumi-kuu evil-usagi Kai-shii Minevi KanekiruLavender-Ice Leirix Pokocoo Gayza Starlipop ChojinoPlantkun Shintaree Kuratine Everglaves Miss-ArielliaAyaring RyuRyuki Pindanglicious noemas kimmymangaEeNii Jauni JoyFool Hetiru Cuney Raeinni SangcoonHama-S Arielucia Kumashige DeliciosaBerry
There will be only 80 pre-order being made, pre-order will be open until Oct 20th or until sold out!!Please order your’s today!!!
Cafe Sweetheart Cafe Sweetheart Cafe Sweetheart
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what I finished in today’s livestream ~ This will be part of my re-draw meme.
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Some stuff Im working on
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Shield Detail ~
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New Zelda image im working on today